Magnificent Experience
Cosmic Awakening

Addressing your being on all levels:

physiological, emotional, mental spiritual and energetic. 

Real health, real work, real results. 


IS Learning to Let Go and Grow out of Victimhood, Suffering, Pain, Injury, Insult, and Illness. So to Allow Yourself to Experience the Magnificent Joy, Pleasure, Ecstasy, and Bliss that IS Life!


IS Stepping into Knowing – from the work of your own lived experience – that YOU are The Cosmos and The Cosmos is YOU! IS Recognizing the Humility and Magnitude of such a Divine Reality. IS Accepting the Responsibility of InterConnectedness WITH ALL things and AS ALL things – One Harmonious Cosmic Orgasm/Organism!


​To Let Go of Substance, Stimulus, Stress,
Embrace Simplicity, Silence, Stillness.

So to Remember You, to BE You, to Experience Your Self.

Design sem nome (4)

All Things for All Beings.

multi-modality Healing
multi-dimensional ‘inner-standing’ of Existence…
… and our place with-IN IT

​Expansive, far beyond a single specialty…
Encompassing: multi-level assessment of Being

Origin Story


MECA.Life flowered from the Unification of two Beings who have stepped into their own Wholeness.  Michael and Erika have been working on themselves, digging deep into their own Self-discovery, and embracing each their own process of healing and awakening for many years. The more deeply they grow with-IN themselves, and the more profoundly they embrace both their masculine and feminine selves, the more expansive the expression of their Love and Divine BE-ing-ness…

One day they crossed paths, their humility and expansiveness gaining the attention each of the other. Soon they agreed to harmonize their inner-wholeness by way of offering the same guidance and opportunity to others: to Grow into Wholeness with-IN One’s Self.

The Union occurred spontaneously one evening while driving along on Texada Island, BC…

“How do we blend ‘Michael’ and ‘Erika’?  ‘MIKA’? No! ‘MECA’!” 

The letters came together as a humorous blending of our names, but the depth and breadth of what had just been birthed, continued to grow in our awareness over the next few days… 

“So what does it mean?” we pondered.

‘Michael and Erika Calling Angels’?!… hmm!…

‘Michael and Erika Can Assist?…. maybe…

Wait! While these descriptions are accurate – as MECA is a reflection of us and our offering – they are less than fully representative.  MECA is a representation and reflection of Life: Every single Being walking their own journey; a pilgrimage in search of them-Self… until the moment of Cosmic Giggle, when YOU  step into Your own Wholeness – into Unity with-IN Your Self and with ALL – and YOU recognize Your own Divinity! 

Thus MECA.Life – a vehicle for Magnificent Experience and Cosmic Awakening in this Life. Awakened Beings supporting Beings stepping into Unity with-IN them-Self. 

MECA.Life embodies and supports The Journey – The Pilgrimage of Life.

Team Members

Erika Nabuurs

BSc, Medicine Woman

With a diverse background in medicine, psychology, and spirituality, Erika approaches health from multiple perspectives simultaneously, to offer you a truly holistic and transformative healing experience.

Michael Nicholas

Addiction Counsellor

Through his experiences navigating relationships, addiction, and personal growth, he has learned valuable lessons and gained cosmic intelligence that guides his actions.

Logo Significance


Circle. Yin-Yang. Fibonacci Spiral. Four Directions. Counterclockwise Movement. Eagle Feather. Divine Unity.


IS the entire Cosmos and every possible Dimension of Experience embraced within Natural and Harmonious Cycles of Life.


 IS the inter-relationship of Singularity and Duality – each born out of the other. Singularity exists because of the Unification of Polarity, while Polarity exists because of the Separation of Unity. They are mutually inclusive.  Here, they are positioned horizontally to reiterate the weightedness of dense, dark, solid, material Yin form versus the weightLESSness of expansive, light, ethereal Yang space.


IS the Harmonious Numerical Symmetry of Life, expressed repeatedly throughout Nature. Here, the Fibonacci Spirals open in a counter-clockwise direction as a representation of the UNtangling of Time-Space, and in Honour of the Teachings of the Pacific WATERS, which spiral counterclockwise under the Earth.

Here, the Fibonacci Spirals arise out of the seed of each of the Four Directions: EAST (Infant stage; RED as the blood of Mother Earth); NORTH (Adolescent stage; BLUE as the Water and Sky); WEST (Adult stage; BLACK as Fire); SOUTH (Elder/Wisdom stage; WHITE as Wind and Air).

Each Direction grows repeatedly toward and through the others. Eventually they intersect simultaneously, Creating a point of Divine Unity, which opens dimensional doors into infinite expansion. Beyond the point of Divine Unity, each Spiral offers an Eagle Feather pointed in the direction of infinite growth.

Eagle Spirit offers courage, strength, vision and clarity, as each feather points the way IN to UNknown dimensions; inspiring YOU to Take Flight into every possible dimension of Your Self, and reach/recognize Your Divine Being.