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Join Erika Nabuurs on a Journey 

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Erika Nabuurs

Erika Nabuurs, also known as Mele O Ka Naia, dives deep into both the written word and the realm of public speaking, to share her profound experience and insight.

As a Medicine Woman, a mother of two, an author, a speaker, and a visionary, Erika established MECA.Life in 2019, where she introduced innovative restorative health programs like MECA.morphosis™. 

Her decade-long evolution in various healing modalities has nurtured a passionate dedication to trauma resolution, disease reversal, and the sacred moments of birth and death attendance. 

By fostering physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and electromagnetic health and self-regulation, Erika’s work serves to inspire full and complete restoration of MAGIC & PLAY within each individual,  One Heart at a Time!

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The Gifts of Pain

A must-read collection of real-life, power-packed, bite-sized stories from 31 authors of diverse backgrounds and walks of life. They vulnerably and bravely share their most painful experiences and the practical tools they used to transform them into personal growth and positive change. 

As you commit to reading these stories of how ordinary people rose through extraordinary pain, and to applying the action steps they offer, you will honor and process your own pain.

Each Chapter will provide insights and interactive activities for daily introspection, so you can cultivate a deep sense of inner peace and the resilience required to navigate life’s inevitable painful challenges.


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“The Gifts of Pain” and prepare yourself for an intense and transformative journey! 

Feel, process, and release your own pain by witnessing the transformative journey of others!

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Author signed & personalized hardcopy ~ $29 CAD


Your chapter was so gripping and powerful. Your awareness of the possibility that the miscarriages were happening because you were "not supposed to be" a mother in this lifetime, or because your body needed direct attention and restoration before it could reproduce, are deep and interesting curiosities and insights that many women have a hard time accepting, or even considering.  It's a tough conversation, and you're engaging it boldly and courageously!
Fertility specialist, a mother in USA 
Tragic, poignant, yet inspiring chapter. The imagery and your grieving experience resonated with me. When we had our second ectopic pregnancy in Haida Gwaii, the embryo was the size of my thumb. We brought it home and buried it at the base of a large triple stemmed Sitka spruce tree next to the Tlell River near our house...
Len, Engineer,
a father in Canada
That's amazing! I feel goosebumps on my body and tears in my eyes when I just think how you handled the situation; because not every woman has this type of courage and that's why they feel bad all through life. You are a fabulous mother and I love the suggestion you give to other mothers. Salute to you and your courage!💕
Dev, Engineer,
a father in India

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Deluded Victim to Enlightened Creator

Drawing from personal and clinical experience in transformative healing, Erika Nabuurs, aka. Mele O Ka Naia, unravels the depths of chronic pain, emotional trauma, and self-imposed limitations.

The book provides tools for real-life transformation, restoring personal integrity, and guiding readers toward a life lived fully in the present moment.

For anyone seeking to emerge from their struggles into the full radiance of their being.

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Get ready to embark on your transformative journey. 

Preorder ‘Deluded Victim to Enlightened Creator’ and step into a life lived fully in the present. 

Reserve your copy today! Book Release Scheduled for October 2024!