I deeply believe in synchronicity and meeting Erika was one of those special connections. After almost 2 years trying to get pregnant, I met Erika and she supported me in accepting and healing my past, my memories and letting go of getting pregnant to focus on harmonizing myself instead. Boom! In the following month we figured out that I was pregnant.

Erika became my Birth Attendant and her presence was key in my birthing experience. She is so knowledgeable, confident and present which made me feel safe and trust in the natural power of the birth process. I had a healthy boy at home :)))

I highly recommend Erika for my friends and clients ;))

Daiana Gama

Massage Therapist, AtmaFlow.com
Courtenay – Canada

“When I think of Naia, my heart fills with gratitude. Naia showed up to support me when nobody else would. I was alone, pregnant and in quarantine. When I called Naia, told her about my circumstances, she asked me when was the last time I’d received a hug. It had been over two weeks, I was pregnant with a baby with a neural tube defect and had travelled back to Canada from Costa Rica to receive support in their transition. Naia came to me daily, she treated me with her loving hands, giving me acupuncture and touch therapy. We tried to initiate labour at 20 weeks so I could hold my little one as they took their last breath. The universe had another plan though, and I surrendered. I’m not entirely sure I would have made it through that dark initiation if it wasn’t for Naia’s love and care. She is truly a magnificent human being. I am blessed to know her.”


Comox – Canada

“To my sacred sister, Thank you for your healing, for your love, and for being you. You showed up at a time when I really needed your love & care. Thank You, Truly.”

Elyse Archer

Comox, Canadá

“I was only nine weeks pregnant, but that didn’t make it hurt any less.  I started spot bleeding and I knew in that moment that the pregnancy was ending… It was ten more days before the baby released itself from my womb. In those ten days, I learned the true meaning of going with-IN. I spent time exploring myself, communicating with the babe inside me, and identifying depths of anger and pain and sadness within me that I had never known existed. I recognized so many socially constructed preconceptions that I held of life; so many attachments that I clung to; and expected outcomes that I desired… In those ten days, as I allowed myself to FEEL, EXPERIENCE, and EXPRESS the intensity of my pain and sorrow at my perceived loss; and of my anger and rage at those I felt had caused this outcome, I discovered the OPPORTUNITY to LET GO.

As the babe moved through me – after what felt like a lifetime – I was at peace. I experienced my own birthing into an evolved being! I had been contracting most of the day, and was driving through Stanley Park when I felt Little Flower’s Spirit leave my body. Only a couple short hours later I birthed her tiny body and put her in a little cedar box filled with nature’s treasures. I stared at her body, lying silent and still, and I realized clearly what she wanted, and what we both needed… The next day I drove to a private beach that we both loved. I built a large fire on the tide line and I laid her into it. I held Cer emony there for hours, staying with her until her body had become ash, to ensure that her Spirit was released to the Wind and the Waves as the tide rolled in. She was no longer mine; she never had been! I LET GO of her body, and with it, all of my attachments, preconceptions, desires, and expectations. I LET GO so that both our Spirits could soar FREE. FREE to explore, experience, and BE, without restriction or restraint. FREE to BE LOVE in ALL FORMS.”

Erika Nabuurs

Vancouver, Canadá

“I know that I am approaching the end, and Erika is helping me find peace in that. I often feel lonely and confused about where I am, but I know I must be sick if I am here. Erika spends time taking me out and helping me go for walks, when no one else seems to have time. We often sit and talk together and she listens to my fears. Sometimes she reads, and I remember one book being especially interesting.  It helped me remember that I am God! I am not waiting to meet God, or to be judged by God! I am God and I already live in paradise, here and now!  I felt cheated at first, because they had never told us this in church, but I quickly realized that now I can let go of my fears about death and enjoy myself peacefully in the time that I have left in this paradise on earth.”

A. S.

Prince Edward Island

“As Luna became sicker, I could feel intense sadness setting into our family. I didn’t know how to process it myself, and I didn’t know how to support my kids through it either; but I knew we had to deal with it somehow. I put a request out on FB for a Grief Doula and Erika responded. She came to our home several times in the last weeks of Luna’s life. She spent time with each of us individually and often with our whole family together. She invited us to participate in a ceremony with Luna, which allowed us to connect with her on a deeper level, and really helped me to access my grief and begin expressing it. Through Erika’s counsel, emotional support, and spiritual guidance, we each found ways to express our grief and our pain.  When her time came, we were ready to let Luna go with joy and gratitude for the gift of her presence in our family.”


Vancouver, Canadá

“You are so generous to give so much of your time to teach us! Thank You for being such an inspiration on every level!”

Sonja LeBorgne

Yoga Participant
Vancouver, Canadá

“Erika, I want you to know how inspiring/phenomenal you are in your instructor/guide capacity. You were so graceful and poetic in your demonstration of the poses, and I was extremely grateful for your position of ‘no judgment here’ and ‘listen to your body’ and ‘do whatever you’re able to do–or not!’” 

Avril Shalen

Yoga Participant
Vancouver, Canadá

“My name is Patricia. I would like to share my experience with, and Love and Hope for Erika and Michael.

I originally called Erika in April 2019. I was struggling emotionally, physically and spiritually, because I had started to drink alcohol after 20 years of sobriety. She encouraged me to attend their upcoming Experience Yourself Sanctuary, and I knew immediately it was what I needed.  I was fortunate to have a friend willing to drive me to Erika’s  Sanctuary event. This saved my life. I was so weak and could hardly stand. I met three other incredible woman, all in search of healing, not for addictions, but healing for their own life issues. The food was delicious, and Erika invited many different and transformative guests to share their work and understanding of life and this time we live in: Crystal Sound Healing; beautiful videos of life and sacred geometry, and our connection to Life and how we are ONE. I healed and felt vibrant and amazing after 5 days of Sanctuary and presence with Erika and Michael.

After about 4 weeks I realized that I was getting weaker agai; I am affected by my home environment, chemicals, and electromagnetics. I had to leave to heal. Thankfully, Erika and Michael invited me into their home for 5 days in August. TRANSFORMATION!!  I transformed so much in those five days – from unable to eat or walk on my own, to once again fully capable and vibrant – that people were coming up to me and asking “What happened, you are glowing!” I was at peace and so grateful.

Unfortunately, I had to return to my apartment again, and within a few weeks I started drinking and feeling very weak. I know I have to leave this environment to heal completely. I am well aware that I need to move out and find a healthier place to live, in order to maintain and enhance the transformative healing I have experienced twice now! With the support of Erika’s wisdom and knowledge I will do this. Erika is always there for me. Because of beautiful souls like Erika and Michael, people in desperate situations have real opportunity to get real help, let go of their disease, and grow into vitality! Erika’s knowledge, qualification, and wisdom make her a true Medicine Woman. I love Erika and Michael. Their knowledge, compassion, genuine nature, and intention to serve with Love, enlightens this world! I can honestly tell you, they will transform your life! Thank You Erika and Michael, with Love!”

Patricia Blair

Vancouver, Canadá

“Erika, I’m so grateful to have met you and witnessed your energy and your love for this world. You’re truly an inspiring human being. Thank you for your generous work with all of us over the five days. You have helped me to open up and see my life with enlightened clarity. What a beautiful experience and one I didn’t think was possible for me. I have been living in a dark place for a long time, working to take one step closer to feeling pride, purpose and pure joy in my life. I feel I have taken a few steps towards understanding that and I have you and Michael to thank! Thank you for holding space for each of us to feel in the moment. Those breakthrough moments were so valuable to me and I will hang onto them forever. 

Moments during The Sanctuary that I will cherish forever:

-Having the opportunity to go into personal experience throughout the weekend and talk in direct correlation about how to use the content we were learning, in life. 

-Calling each other out on our vocabulary and everyone being thankful for the help as opposed to offended. This was extremely helpful for me to build my awareness and I have been able to notice every time undesirable words slip out, since being back in Vancouver, and sometimes catching them in the moment and switching to an alternate word. 

-Yoga in the morning was an amazing way to start the day and it was so thoughtful of you to include stretches for areas of the body people were experiencing pain. 

-All the night-time events were magical. Each night offered a unique experience and I will carry those memories with me forever.I highly recommend Experience Yourself Sanctuary to anyone looking for a safe space to do the self-development work necessary to move forward into your authentic self.”

Genieve Morison

Certified Transformational Coach
Vancouver, Canadá

“When I arrived I didn’t really know what to expect.  As a working wife and mother I was feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, my shoulders were tight and I was never able to fully inhale and exhale my breath. I felt like I was only half breathing. By the end of the weekend I felt rejuvenated, re-centered, relaxed and I could breath again.  Erika opened our minds and our hearts through various methods and teachings and I now have a passion for learning more about myself, my soul, the universe and our interconnectedness through energy.  Experience Yourself Sanctuary provided a safe place to share and be myself and experience the rawness of self love and spiritual healing.  Erika is a gifted healer with so much love in her heart and passion in her soul.  I feel blessed to have had this experience and I continue the practices of honouring myself, gratitude, yoga, meditation and breathing. I highly recommend Experience Yourself Sanctuary… it is truly an awakening experience! Namaste ♥”

Carol Shannon

Langley, Canadá

“I was fortunate to participate in “Experience Yourself Sanctuary” and am sharing my journey while attending, and since returning home. A wonderful setting surrounded by nature set the backdrop for awakening our deepest known and then unknown oneness with all and the universe. I especially enjoyed the selfless sharing circles, Erica’s healing hands and her grace. The morning yoga and swim was very meditative. A very spiritual experience for me, and if only once, this destination – no matter where it is – should be on everyone’s list. You will be an equal to all and respected by all.  Thank you Erika & Micheal for making my experience so cherished and the gifts I carry with me everyday.”  

Edith Dumont

Edmonton, Canadá

“Erika was absolutely incredible. She far exceeded expectations when it came to her love and care, knowledgeability, ability, professionalism, patience and most impactfully her exuberant energy throughout the time before, during and after my birth.

Erika guided my husband and I through becoming informed on every decision leading up to the birth of our daughter, supported every single one of our ideas and intentionally built a relationship with us along the way.

Erika not only invited us into her heart, but also into her home, providing a safe place for me to birth our daughter if I chose. 

Erika was there for me to glean from her courage and calmness during the 2 weeks of waiting past my due date. 

Erika stepped up to every obstacle & challenge during my labour and delivery and for that we will forever be grateful!” 

Megan Mayo

Artisan Soap Crafter
Merville, Austrália


I would like to share 3 important moments with Erika: one from before birth, one during, and one after the birth.


Erika was my yoga teacher. At that time I was considering home birth but I needed something more to convince me 100% that it would be the right decision. For me, that was Erika. She was sharing some stories during her yoga classes and it resonated with me so much. I had never thought about having a doula before and it was already quite late to ask whether she was available but I was lucky and she was. After our first meeting, it was clear that it was going to be a home birth, and as she used to say it was going to be epic! I got very excited about it. 


The birth was very long, almost 2 days. Erika was there with us all the time. I would say that waiting for the birth to come was all about trying to make a time go quickly. Erika was amazing, she was suggesting some activities all the time. In the beginning, I felt weak and didn’t want to do much. She wanted me to go to the pool but I felt sick and going into warm water didn’t sound like a good idea to me at all. I ended up going and it was divine like a full-body massage. Later she suggested a walk outside. I thought she was crazy, I was happy to just sit on the ground, I couldn’t imagine walking outside. We went and it was amazing, fresh air, sun. We walked slowly around a block, made some stops for contractions, and another few hours passed. After that, I trusted Erika with everything and I was open to anything. Acupuncture, yoga, dance, screaming, and time went quickly. I ended up in the pool for the last part. I was told to catch my baby underwater when Julia was halfway out. I saw nothing underwater, just a bloody cloud. I dipped my hands, felt the body, and pulled her to my chest. She raised her head and looked at me and dad and me and dad again. She didn’t cry at all. There are not enough words to describe the feeling. Wonderful!


My body was sore after the birth. I didn’t feel a thumb on my leg, my back hurt I felt there are a lot of stiff spots in my body. Erika gave me a full body massage and some chiropractic moves and it was like being born again. She read my body very well and she knew exactly where to touch. It was the best massage I have ever experienced in my life. I think that having a body check after birth is a must! I recovered quickly. I have beautiful memories of my birth and I wish to have more like this. Erika became my friend and I feel blessed to have her in my life. Even though I live far away, I miss her very much!”

Petra Hülová


“Erika has been amazing, helping me throughout my pregnancy.  I first met Erika as she was teaching prenatal yoga classes that I was attending.  From the beginning, she was a great teacher and very knowledgeable. After talking to her, I felt like she would be a great fit for me as she took a very holistic and natural approach to health and wellness.  As my doula, I felt like she was there for me whenever I needed her or had any random questions that popped into my head. During our prelabour sessions, we would do meditation, yoga, and acupuncture. She took the time to get to know me and my partner, and what we wanted in our birth plan so that she could better help me manage pain during labour.  Our sessions pre-labour had really helped my husband and I gain more confidence leading up to labour. When I did go into labour, she was there the entire time helping me relieve pain by massaging me, encouraging me through the contractions, and working with nurses to follow my birth plan. Everything went well, and I had a precious baby girl in my arms and overall it was a pleasant experience!  Thanks again!”

Melissa Lun.

Vancouver, Canadá

Erika’s response to Colienne:  

“That’s AMAZING!! Sooo much Love and sooo many congratulations to YOU for knowing your own ability and having the courage, strength, and TRUST in Yourself to follow through. And simply by virtue of trusting your own Being and trusting Éléonore, you teach and inspire all those who surround you and witness you in your strength, determination and commitment!

… Words are less than able to fully describe the depth and magnificence of the Miracle that You offered to so many (including yourself and Éléonore!), on so many levels, by staying unwaveringly TRUE to YOURSELF!  Well done Beautiful Goddess!”


“Éléonore was born this Sunday evening with an intense natural birth! Everything is all right!

I can say that breathing into contractions and opening it like a flower was easier thanks to the yoga… almost vital, to not break the uterus during more than 4 hours of counteracting my body’s reflex to push (exhausting), because she was so engaged – super low – before the opening of my cervix! Visualizing the process helped me a lot! Even if I was awake for 21 hours and had the feeling that it will never end! At one point, the mid-wife called the obstetrician staff, and by seeing me super focused on what I was doing, they said that they felt that I can do it without invasive intervention (the mid-wife told me afterwards, I didn’t realize it at the time). They respected my wishes (no epidural, etc.) by seeing that I was so committed to them… our conversation had reinforced that as well! Belief in my inner strength was a big big deal! Thank you for all.”

Colienne Regout

Vancouver, Canadá

“What a pleasure! Baby Arthur was born October 1st, at 38 weeks and 6 days! Yay to early and naturally occurring labour! … Now I’m just trying to adjust in this new chapter of my life! My birth journey was intense, wild and emotional, no epidural and a lot of water, even if I didn’t give birth in the tub, but I stayed in there most of the time! It has been very magical, I’m looking at myself with new eyes now…”

Maria G.

Vancouver, Canadá

Erika’s response to Satomi: 

“Wow!! …Tears of Joy and Gratitude!! Gratitude for your strength, determination, and trust in yourself, to give/gift yourself and your family a most incredible birthing experience! And Gratitude for my own voice, which has grown to a point of having so much influence.  Thank You Satomi, for being so amazing and for Being an Inspiration and Example for Mothers everywhere, to step into the fullest experience of them-self, without fear, only Trust & Love!

I had a few favorite moments, including the jump in the pool, but top of my list was the moment your eyes lit up with renewed and revitalized energy and you said “Ok, I’m having this baby at home!” – Erika

“The first thought that comes to mind is the relief I felt when I realized I was going into labour earlier than expected. It was 2 weeks before my due date and the back pain that excruciated me during the entire pregnancy was getting worse every day. I was insomniac, and exhausted so I took this advance as a truly bless!

I took prenatal, breastfeeding, yoga and cpr classes. I read books, articles and talked with midwives, doulas, lactation experts and other moms about labour, delivery, feeding and the first hours of the baby. I was ready! I did everything I could do to prepare myself for this journey! I planned for waterbirth and to give birth to my little boy in the easiest way possible, from water to water.

I’m ready, I thought..

My water broke around 1 pm and until 5 pm I had no pain. Around 5 I started feeling little discomfort, like menstrual cramps, still bearable. Since the beginning I was worried about the backpain because after 9 months of constant pain I was sure it wouldn’t give me a break during labour.

Sure enough… the first strong contraction took my breath away because it was like a knife in my low back. Real contractions began around 9 pm and I felt I was going to pass out with every, single one.

During the past months my husband helped me relieve my pain with some positions learned during the prenatal class but I wasn’t able to put them in practice at all during labour. I was stuck on my couch, sit and unable to breathe and change position.

At 1 am my doula arrived. She helped me with breathing, tens, hot showers. I remember I totally forgot English, I kept speaking Italian saying “I can’t do it, it’s too much”

After another 3 hours contractions were really long and close so we went to the hospital.

At BC women’s I met one of my midwives, she checked the dilatation and I was only 3 cm.

I still remember the panic that invaded me

I thought I could not survive without knowing how many hours I still had to withstand that pain.

They offered me morphine and to go home and then come back after a good sleep

Go back home?? No way! I’d rather have spent the rest of my labour in the parking lot, I thought.

The alternative they gave me was to be admitted at the hospital but also accepting induction. I wasn’t enthusiastic about induction actually…

Then my midwife proposed to go for epidural. 

I accepted and after the epidural procedure, when I finally was able to breathe again, I felt like I had failed my first task as a mum: I’ve been weak and I wasn’t able to stay with my son during this journey.

Turned out that epidural was the best choice, without the back pain my whole body relaxed enough to gain 6cm of dilatation in few hours.

My midwife told me that she’s never had seen an epidural so effective!

My little boy was born after 4 hours of pushing, so overall after 27 hours since the water broke.

I’m so glad to have had not only my husband but also amazing midwife and doula and an extraordinary nurse. They supported me and my choices every step and they cheered me up when I felt down.

Now that everything went well I know that I wasn’t weak, I didn’t abandon my son to his destiny, I was with him the entire time, just not suffering like a dog.  

I believe that only the mother can decide for her own body and her labour and every decision she made for her well-being is the best not only for her but also for the baby.

I hope my experience will be helpful for other women. We are strong!!”

Francesca Ognibene

Vancouver, Canadá

 “After a less than ideal hospital birth with my first born I knew I wanted the help of a doula with my second. I wanted myself and my partner to be more informed and involved in birthing our second. I wanted our child to come into this world peacefully without the bleeping and monitoring of hospital gadgets. I wanted to feel the full capacity of what my body mind and spirit were able to do, birthing without any intervention. I couldn’t have accomplished any of that without Erika. She came to our home before our birthing date and I immediately felt a warm connection. I was really excited to hear that she had a background in naturopathy and was familiar with using acupuncture/acupressure points to assist in pain relief and induction. She really listened to our wants and needs, the top ones being to have a water birth at home with as little intervention as possible so we could bond as a family and bring our little one into the world with peace, love and joy.

On delivery day when my contractions started to be more regular Erika was already at the door on our request. It was comforting to have the extra support and advice before the midwife arrived. Erika had some great techniques up her sleeve; she helped with pain relief, with calming and allowing me to open, and with guiding my partner in how he could assist me. I didn’t feel rushed or worried in her presence, she guided me to really trust in the process and she helped me and my partner to really connect throughout. 

At one point our midwife was thinking it would be better to go to the hospital and my spirits sank because I really wanted to deliver at home. Erika was a strong advocate for my wishes and since there was no medical emergency, her reassurance and confidence in me helped me decide to stay strong and deliver at home. Thank you so much for that Erika! My whole birth story could have been completely different if I hadn’t had her vote of confidence. 

My favorite memory of Erika is when I was in the pool and feeling the ring of fire… I begged for Erika to use her hip pushing technique to help me and she dove into the pool without hesitation, clothes and all! Without her strong hands pushing on my hips I don’t know how I would have gotten over that edge…Then she quickly stepped aside to let my partner take over when she was no longer needed. As I kneeled against the pool my partner caught our baby underwater and passed him through my legs to me. I was able to watch him come up out of the water peacefully to take his first breath. It was a beautiful way for our baby boy to be born and I couldn’t have wished it to be better. 

I’ll never forget all that Erika did to help bring our boy into the world. I absolutely and highly recommend anyone that wants to be involved in their own birth story, to look up Erika, she is the best!  Thank You Erika, for being so amazing!”

Satomi Sakata

Sechelt, Canadá

 “Erika, You ARE the medicine!  What you offer is not just black and white. You are, and You offer a whole rainbow of colors. When You show up, the healing possibilities are infinite! It’s True, You pull out exactly what people need, and you show up to offer it exactly when they need it!” 

Jane Gartshore

Gibsons, Canadá

“You are so intuitive! It was like you knew exactly what I needed, just before I asked, every time!  Showing up and choosing to stay overnight, when I wasn’t even 100% sure the baby was coming yet; encouraging me to change position just as I considered doing so; stimulating specific acupuncture points as I was feeling the need for them, without even having to ask; compressing my hips during contraction with perfect pressure every time and for just long enough; knowing exactly how to stimulate and encourage baby to get in to position and start pushing for himself!  I am so grateful for your presence, attentiveness, and intuitive awareness during the birth of our son!”

Jane Gartshore

Ginson Canadá

“You were a big part of our first birth journey in 2016, and as I tell people, I don’t think our son’s birth would have been natural without you! You helped me a lot to control my pain during birth! … We were wondering if you would help us with ROUND TWO! We are expecting again!!” 

Cecile and Adam Style

Burnaby, Canadá

“As first time parents, we never fully understood the wave that was about to come our way, but knew we wanted support. Our Healer and Doula, Erika, was outstanding at ensuring our mental and physical energies were channeled towards the birth of our son, effectively. Her connection was personal, open, and warm. Prior to the birth, she was present to help, listen, and guide us through our concerns and decisions. She also helped both of us to relax and release stressors present. Throughout the birth, she was an effective team leader by being hands-on to release pain, communicate details of our medical plan and synchronize best approaches for birth with the hospital staff. Our birth could not have been more of a success! She came in to our life at the right time!”

Cecile and Adam Style

Burnaby, Canadá

“Even just your words offer so much comfort and support in this time of personal exhaustion and worry for my premature infant.”

Karla Holiove

Vancouver, Canadá

“In 2013 I was sent to a treatment centre for PTSD and addictions.  Once discharged I was in an OSI clinic for out-patient treatment for 8 months. Since, I have been in weekly to monthly trauma therapy with a psychologist and have been on and off medications to try and balance myself and my response to the world.  Each and every venture brought awareness and understanding.  But it was always the same cycle.  In for an hour appt and out. Go back into the world and by the time the next weekly appointment came around, I would be desperate for relief from my internal struggle to get through the day…And then came Erika.  Our first appointment was 6 hours.  In the weeks that followed I found myself processing deep seeded emotions and experiences on her table, while she manipulated me physically. Experiences previously expressed, which I had thought were processed and released, were still lodged in my psyche and in my body.  The relief I have experienced is both mental and physical.  I have not yet completed my work with Erika or with myself, but I’ve never been so close to living wholeheartedly as myself, and not as a reflection of my experiences – childhood, military and otherwise.  I needed to be challenged and I am.  I needed to be loved and I was.  I needed help physically without any ill-conceived medical boundaries, and I received it.  It’s hard work.  But it’s the real hard work.  Not the kind you only do for an hour in an office.  I live with peace of mind knowing Erika is out there doing this real work and healing people for the right reasons, in any possible way she can.”

Sgt J.F.

SAR-Tech. Medic
Comox, Canadá

“Erika, I’d like to express an appreciation for your counsel. Your knowledge, wisdom and treatment has improved many aspects of our lives. More sessions will be needed, but for now, I require some time to practice and reflect on the changes. There is a bright goodness that radiates from within you. Shine on.”


Merville, Austrália

“Erika puts the Whole into holistic – mind, body and soul.  She offers the time and space one needs to heal, using multidisciplinary hands, in an intuitive and energetic way.  She is there when you need her whether it be a comprehensive multidisciplinary program or an acute middle of the weekend emergency.   From family counseling, to putting your neck back in place, to building your immune system.  And the best part for me is the muscle testing!”

Donna Dukart

Courtenay, Canadá

“Erika! I’ve been doing so good!. I’m so glad I listened to my body and to you, and did not fall into the rabbit hole of drugs. I honestly feel so good. I’ve been having a great summer and I’m so relaxed and go with the flow. I’m no longer cleaning my house in a weekly deep scrub and I went from washing and waxing my car once a week to once a month. And guess what?! It’s dirty but it doesn’t bother me! I’ve also enjoyed substitute teaching for the first time ever! How does that even happen?  I have let go of this need to be perfect, because look where it got me the first time round…a husband who cheated! I’ve been saying “Yes” to different opportunities when I normally would have said “no.” I’m getting things fixed that have been broken for years! I now have my kids 100% of the time! I’m so happy! Thank You for all your love, support, and counsel.”

Nicole Ferrel

Prince Edward Island

“Working with Erika has profoundly changed my life. During our sessions Erika provided a supportive and nurturing space for me to process aspects of myself that were difficult to make sense of on my own. Erika is so patient and respectful and truly sees you; I never felt that I was rushed or judged in any way, despite lengthy outpourings of thoughts and emotions. She is completely present with you through all of it. 

The process of working with Erika has allowed me to view myself and my world in a way that represents a distinct shift for me. Erika gently imparts a strong sense of empowerment and self-responsibility that intrinsically motivated me to take actions that I do not feel I could have taken otherwise: processing painful experiences, having difficult conversations and modifying my priorities. As a result, my quality of life each day has been greatly enhanced and I will be forever grateful to Erika for the profound influence that she has had on my life.”



“Thanks big heaps! After our first session today, I went for a tiny beach exploration and I’m feeling more movement in my body already! You are such a Wonder Woman! Blessed Be.”

Linda Sue Hutton

Mother & Grandmother
Merville, França

“Like many of the most profound experiences I have had in my life, working with and simply being in the presence of Erika is often ineffable. Words cannot suffice to express the wisdom she holds, the power she wields, and the transformation that she induces. She is so open and aware, more so than probably any other human that I have met personally. It is evident that she has done and continues to do the inner work with herself which allows her to be the perfect facilitator for healing and growth. 

Our sessions were always incredible, I always left feeling cleansed and exhilarated. She speaks truth to the deepest parts of me, I have always felt like I have had the ability to understand my own thoughts and feelings almost flawlessly, but she was always able to see my blindspots and able to explain them in a way that would be exactly what I was looking for. Her knowledge of so many different modalities and perspectives of healing and growth is truly admirable, she is my go-to for anything health related and in many ways I consider her a mentor, she inspires me in more ways than I can count. 

Aside from the emotional, psychological, spiritual stuff, when I am on the massage table her hands communicate directly with my body, I have had several experiences that could only be explained as telepathy in which she would be working a muscle and I would just have the thought of needing it to be worked in a certain way and instantly she would make the adjustment, it was truly astonishing. I also remember several times where the moment her hands would hit my body I would be overwhelmed with gratitude as if I were receiving an instant healing from God/Source/The Universe. 

I could write so much more about how transformational our sessions were, I recommend her to everyone who says they need some healing and if you are reading this I am recommending her to you. Honestly, what it comes down to is that just having her in your field of energy, in your life in general causes you to raise in consciousness and awareness and self empowerment. You cannot forget your divinity when you are in her presence, her very essence is a constant reminder. You will level up if you work with her should you choose to do so, I have no doubt.”

Michael Dunphy

Musician & Teacher
Courtenay, Canadá

“It is a rare blessing to encounter a healing practitioner that possesses Erika’s level of skill, depth of knowledge, and quality of care.  When I came to see Erika I was in a wretched state. My neck and shoulders were almost completely immobilized to the point where even the slightest movements resulted in excruciating pain. The initial in-depth verbal consultation addressed nutritional, postural, and emotional factors. This was followed by a profound treatment that helped restore my mobility to a level even beyond what I was expecting. Several chronic issues that we hadn’t even discussed are now completely gone. I appreciated her calming guidance as well as her eclectic and highly intuitive approach.  Her ability to locate and remove stagnant energy and adjust areas of misalignment demonstrate both technical prowess and unique sensitivity. She also provided me with a generous amount of additional info regarding nutrition, exercises, and other related topics. She promotes personal awareness and responsibility for one’s health and offers comprehensive knowledge in that area. She is truly gifted and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of healing assistance.”

Marcel Longpre

Courtenay, Canadá

“Erika, thank you very much for my session highlights! I’ve read the information twice and you are 100% correct. I am feeling at ease & happy with the ‘stand’ I’ve made.  And yes it’s tough to stop a pattern.  For my wellbeing it HAS to happen! I will keep reading your information to reinforce – how to take positive & meaningful steps on the next phases of my journey…  Lots to expand on, when we meet next session. You have helped me immensely & I’m extremely grateful!”

Neville York

President/Owner NDY Consulting Ltd.
Vancouver, Canadá

“… and then I crossed paths with you Erika! You are the answer to my prayers! I feel like I owe you my life!” Grace said, as I stepped out the door after her session. I turned immediately, starred her straight in the eye, and sent her power directly back to her, as I said “You do NOT OWE me a thing! It is time to STOP giving your power away and disempowering yourself! You have paid me fairly, so the contract ends here! This renewed vitality is YOUR OWN! I simply helped facilitate it. So harness it and build on it. Do NOT allow it to leech away again, by feeling indebted to me! You owe me nothing. You deserve everything that you have gained today!”

The next morning Grace texted to say, “Wow amazing Grace … u are Erika! I’m getting super sore now, and it’s good to feel the deep pain releasing this way, after all the work last night! I’m taking Arnica and wishing I had a bath!”


Hawai’i Big Island

“Wow! Wow! Wow! I don’t even want to speak!  Wow! Wow! Wow!”  Will said, following deep tissue work, as he sat up to turn from belly onto back. I hadn’t even adjusted his neck yet…

…an hour later…

“Wow! (pause) Wow! (pause) Wow! (pause). No one has been able to fix my locked neck in 25 years!!! I wish I had $1000 to drop for you right now, because I have spent hundreds of dollars on chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists, and in 25 years NO ONE has been able to do what you just did in 3 hours!”

Will turned to Michael and Phyllis who had recently walked in and said ”You are lucky, those who get to spend so much time in her presence! She is something special like I’ve never seen before!”  

The next day Will texted to say, “Wow! Mahalo nui! I slept 8 hours last night!!!!! I have NOT done that in 30 years. NO Neck pain! … Thank you Sooo much. Happy landings!”

Erika: Amazing work beautiful Medicine Man! I am honored to have supported and facilitated your healing so profoundly!  ENJOY your new Body!!  ENJOY your new Being!!

Will: “Wow! I’m crying with joy!”

Erika: “Oh, that the tears may flow…”

Will: “Aho!”


Medicine Ma
Hawai’i Big Island

“Thank you for the session today Erika – as always!  Already my understanding and awareness of my Core Truth is enlightening – giving me motivation to recognize situations where I can be the best version of myself! To BE the Divine God that I am.”

Cameron York

BCom, RN
Vancouver, Canadá

“You are really one of the only people I know who willingly listens and understands my situation, and does NOT cast judgment and leave me by the way side, more broken than I already am.” 

Nick H.

Prince Edward Island

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Thank you soooooo much!!! I’m still riding the wave of what this healing opened for me. Just knowing that I am supported in this process, by you, is making a huge difference! I was so tired after stirring all this Allness yesterday! I went to bed super early and woke up this morning with…. A bit of Joy in my Heart! This is the first time I have felt Joy in quite a while!”  

Essenian, Egyptian and Shamanic Therapist
Salt Spring

“Thank you so much for the neck re-adjustment and massage! The sharp pain I’ve had for weeks is gone! And for all the confirmations, advice, and love you’ve put in to my healing and post-session highlights!”   

Isabelle Garceau

Essenian, Egyptian and Shamanic Therapist
Salt Spring

“Erika! That is so amazing, I feel deeply touched and in gratitude for all those words you shared with me. You are such a beautiful, sweet and powerful Being. I feel beautiful again through your words and your energy and IT TRULY supports me on this IMPORTANT life transition. I am so Glad you are part of it! IT is when you feel lost that you find the true YOU. No more identification with the purpose of what I am DOING, of how I LOOK, or of being on an Island where I know almost no-one! What a gift!!!!” 

Isabelle Garceau

Essenian, Egyptian and Shamanic Therapist
Salt Spring

 “Thank you for helping me to see the toxic environment that I was choosing to be in! You have helped my healing so much. You truly are a magical woman.  Thank you!!” 

Genieve Morison

Certified Transformational Coach
Vancouver, Canadá

“You’re such a big part of where I’m at today, you’ve helped me grow in so many ways! What you offer is priceless! I don’t even understand how you put a value on it!”

Tara Vasvani

Tattoo Artist
Vancouver, Canadá

“You are an angelic being. I am grateful to be connecting with you. Thank you for your gifts and for your devoted commitment to your spiritual path. I am ever Grateful.”

R. Boje

Gibsons, Canadá

“I bow with gratitude for your powerful medicine you shared with me yesterday. I feel 10 years younger and my body is totally changed. All that pain and tension is gone! I have a little stiffness left in my shoulder but that is all. My Forever Thank You is carried in the wind to ALL that IS. You are AMAZING!!” 

Darlene Turner

Langley, Canadá

“Thank You for being my spiritual guide.”

Don Bell

Corrections Officer
Gibsons, Canadá

“Erika, You ARE the medicine!  What you offer is not just black and white. You are, and You offer a whole rainbow of colors. When You show up, the healing possibilities are infinite! It’s True! You pull out exactly what people need, and you show up to offer it exactly when they need it!”  

Jane Gartshore

Gibsons, Canadá

“It was really great to see you traveling with your medicine bag – really beautiful and powerful and changing the world of healing. In respect of your awesomeness and feistiness and caring for others.”    

Denise Lagasse

Sechelt, Canadá

“I now realize that my physiological issues are literally just about letting go!! When I FACED MY FEAR head-on, walked through it, and realized that I want to FLY, the blackness on my tongue disappeared within 24 hours! Thank You for helping me pull back the veil of illusion! You are a powerful healer!” 

Andrea B.

RN Psychiatry
Sechelt, Canadá

“Everything is so crazy wonderful! I am breezing through days with Light and Joy! Even with most difficult patients… I am present and remind them that this is what is happening Now. Even my husband came home stressed and I just explained the Joy and Gratitude I have for Life! Then, instead of sitting in front of the computer listening to negative news, he agreed to listen to some Eckhart!  Wooo! I know it’s happening because I’m doing my inner work, but you are an amazing soul buddy! Thanks for your guidance!!  So much Love!!”

Andrea B.

RN Psychiatry
Sechelt, Canadá