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APR, 20 - 23 2024

Experience Yourself Sanctuary (EYS) 2024

Work with Yourself First. Then discover how to dis-entangle from those closest to you, so to navigate with them in a new way of Love.

Past Events

Create Resilient Ecosystems

Experience Excitement & Adventure, filled with Exploration and Discovery. In addition to traditional camp games and activities, remember how to create resilient ecosystems at every level of experience!

Si Si Wiss Drum Making

Join us in this immersive workshop where you'll learn the ancient craft of crafting your own drum. Unleash your creativity as you combine traditional techniques with your unique style to create a drum that resonates with your spirit.

Cosmic Creations with MECA.Life

Join us in the enchanting landscapes of Vancouver Island for our next Introduction to Cob Workshop. Together, we'll delve into cob building, an ancient and sustainable technique combining clay, sand, and straw.

Addressing your being on all levels: physiological, emotional, mental spiritual and energetic. 

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