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Erika's Story

  • Medically Trained. Unlicensed. Self-Governed. Medically Intuitive Medicine Woman.  
  • BSc. degree earned at Mount Allison University, with focus in Neuropsychology, and triple minor in Chemistry, Psychology, and Human-Botanical Interrelation.
  • Postgraduate medical training in Naturopathic Medicine, at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine.
  • Masters medical training in Physics of the Human Body; Oncology; Homeopathy; and BioElectroMagnetics.
  • Inspired to practice as a Medicine Woman and Medically Intuitive Light-Worker. Offering organically from the vast expanse of healing modalities I now carry – all of which are derived from, and leading to the same place… LOVE.

The above list of academic experience is intended to appease your intellectual mind.

Below, I will speak to your All-Knowing and Loving Heart… 

Here is my Truth. Over the past three decades I have walked through many “ranks” of medicine training – personal, academic, and traditional – endeavoring to speak many “languages” so that I might be equipped to meet you where you’re at and guide you into the Magnificent Creator Being that You Are! It would be my great honor to support and guide you through and OUT of your chronic pain, illness, and disease; OUT of your emotional entanglement, psychological disturbance, and spiritual turmoil; and IN to the Joyful, Peaceful, Dynamic, Loving Being that You Are! That you may live without resistance or limitation; that you may learn your lessons gently and swiftly; that you may move forward in your own evolution, to manifest Love and Creation at will; so that you may BE YOU in every moment!!

 I walked the academic road for a decade, completing a Bachelor of Science at Mount Allison University, and proceeded through naturopathic medical training at BINM. Having become well versed in the physiology, psychology, and emotion of pathology and chronic disease, I then expanded my awareness into the bioelectromagnetic and meta-physical realms of Dis-Ease and Well-Being.

Here I recognized that I must commit myself to my own healing, development, and evolution before extending my guidance to others. And so I have, and I continue to do so on every level…

…In so doing, I have earned and been gifted many names, for both personal introspective work and years of serving and inspiring others.  I am honored to carry the name ‘Mele O Ka Naia’ and ‘Goddess of The Waters’ from Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, who tested me at length during Vision Quest in the Pacific Ocean – the domain of Na-maka-o-Kaha’i, Water Goddess. I was gifted the magic and medicine of the Alicorn, and called ‘Sister of the Stars’ during a Power Animal Journey. The Core Inquiry process revealed ‘Truth’ as the resonant state of my Being. A Solo Mountain Vision Quest awoke with-IN me, the honor of walking the Shamanic road; and a traditional forest medicine harvest inspired that I be gifted the name ‘SKwásam’ from Mus-swiya, a Shishalth elder…  Meanwhile, I am recognized and known to many as Medicine Woman, Goddess of Light & Love, Travelling Shaman, Shape-Shifter, and Heart Ambassador… I do not identify directly or specifically with any name, and I honor each of them with Grace and Gratitude.  I am honored to walk with each of these names, and to draw wisdom and teachings from their presence with-IN me, as I continue my walk and my work, with-IN my Self and with others. 

I have come to recognize the reality of my Life as a glorious cycle of awareness, action, resolution, repeat! As my willingness increases to acknowledge AND take action AND move through and OUT of my own patterns and resistance points, so too does my resolution speed increase! This willingness, in turn, exponentially accelerates discovery and remembrance of the depths and dimensionality of my Being! Better still, my commitment to discovering my own depths, translates into accelerated resolutions and discoveries for my clients!

I approach You and your health from multiple perspectives simultaneously – including physiological, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and electromagnetic – to offer multi-dimensional harmonization, disease reversal, and illness resolution. Via heart-centered communication, intuitive guidance, bioelectromagnetic field alignment, and a plethora of medical modalities, I will facilitate your journey IN-ward to clear OUT all noise and dis-ease, and support your experience of the expansive, multi-dimensional Being that IS YOU!

I am honored to walk with you, to guide and support you through and OUT of your current state of illness, injury, insult, pain, depression, distress, and victimhood… and IN to a whole new paradigm of BE-ing; full of Dynamic Vitality, Freedom, Joy, Peace, Gratitude, and Love!

As Medicine Woman,
I will be the Guardian of YOUR Journey
I will bear Witness to YOUR Process
                                            – Mele O Ka Naia

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