Remember Your Centre
Experience Your Sanctuary

Supporting Birth through Death and Every Transition in Between


Project Development

The Creation of MECA.Life Centre is ongoing. We are currently in our 3rd phase of development – Project Execution.

MECA.Life is a vehicle for Magnificent Experience and Cosmic Awakening, embodying and supporting Your pilgrimage, Your journey through Life. 

At MECA.Life we offer Real Health, via Real Work, to achieve Real Results. 

We are Beings supporting Beings stepping into Unity and Wholeness within One’s Self.

We are currently located in the Heart of Vancouver Island, Courtenay, BC. Offering one-on-one health care, birth support, and death support, in clinical and home-visit settings. We also offer workshops, yoga classes, and Experience Yourself Sanctuary events. These are among our preliminary offerings – what we can, where we can! – as we endeavour to build and create MECA.Life Centre.

MECA.Life Centre IS to BE the amalgamation of our offerings in one serene landscape. A Sacred Space, influenced, instructed, guided and inspired by Nature IT-Self. A place to ignite your inner inquiry and investigation. A place to Remember Your Centre and Experience Your Sanctuary!

Our Plan

Within 5 years of property purchase we will build and implement the following features:

  • Birthing Centre: to support and empower Natural Birth.
  • In-Patient Facility: to treat and cure chronic disease, illness, trauma, and injury.
  • Elder Accommodations: To honour elders who desire to live their lives in vitality, until the moment of their transition out.
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Accommodations: for families, individuals, and youth who desire to live their lives in vitality and integrity; free of substance, stimulus, and stress, and rich with inner silence and stillness.
  • Discovery Programs for Children.
  • Sacred Space and Accommodation: for the public to rest, relax, and revitalize.
  • Ceremony and Celebration of all kinds.
  • Sauna and Hydrotherapy Baths.
  • Workshops: health, natural medicines, nutrition, exercise, aquatics, navigating nature, yoga, meditation, communication, inner-inquiry, creating sacred space, eco-construction, regenerative food foraging and farming practices, and more.
  • Sanctuary events 
  • Self Transformation Programs 
  • Apprenticeship Program: Medicine Person (Full spectrum, cross-cultural, academic and experiential training and discovery. Click here for details.

In alignment with our values, we endeavour to create limitless accessibility for all Beings, to heal their disease, trauma, and injury, and to experience the opportunity to flower within themselves.

Thus, MECA.Life Centre and all of its Sacred Space, Ceremony, and Celebrationwill be OPEN to the public FREE of charge.

Hydrotherapy Baths, Yoga Classes, and mostWorkshops and Discovery Programs will ask for donation only.

Health Services, Sanctuary Events,Self Transformation Programs, and Apprenticeship Program will reflect a set market value, that may be paid in moneys or negotiated in trade.

Elders, families, individuals, and youth, may choose to live on site in exchange for various trade opportunities.

We have been watching and waiting for this Sacred Space since 2009. Although every land is sacred, we awaited specific land that speaks to this vision.
The land has now presented itself on the beautiful BC coast, and we are now preparing for land purchase and full activation of our offering.

We are asking for Your support to help raise funds to purchase this incredible property and activate its transition into a Sacred Space for MECA.Life Centre.

$1 – $99 Donations will receive a Cedar Smudge Stick, which we have lovingly prepared.

$100 – $499 Donations will receive a copy of my book, Deluded Victim to Enlightened Creator.

$500 – $999 Donations may choose to receive a 2-hour session with Erika.

$1,000 – $4,999 Donations may choose to receive a 5-hour session with Erika.

$5,000 – $9,999 Donations may choose to participate in our 5-day “Experience Yourself Sanctuary.”

$10,000 – $24,999 Donations may choose to participate in our 21-day Self-Transformation Program.

$25,000 – $99,999 Donations may choose to participate in our 90-day Complete Self-Transformation Program.

$100,000+ Donations Let’s talk about your interest in the MECA HEARTH SCHOOL    Apprenticeship Program!

Thank You