Experience Yourself Sanctuary (EYS) 2024

About this Event

In Harmony with You. In Harmony with Nature. In Harmony with Others.

Learn skills and information necessary to move into INTEGRITY with Yourself & Others.

Bring a Partner, a Friend, a Parent, a Child, a Loved One…

Work with Yourself First. Then discover how to dis-entangle from those closest to you, so to navigate with them in a new way of Love.

Learn how to extrapolate beyond the workshop setting, to BRING this new way of BEING, HOME WITH YOU!! 

INTEGRATE what you have learned and who you have become, into EVERY aspect of your Life: every partnership, every interaction, every moment!

Many in this world are currently “stalled” in the SEEKING phase of growth: speaker after speaker; workshop after workshop; retreat after retreat (That’s right, I’m working my way out of a job here! That’s the Goal!). Following the Pilgrimage (which is the act of seeking), comes INTEGRATION. Integration is the essential next step; we MUST take the time to practice and implement what we have learned. While this may feel awkward at first, and you’ll notice others feeling awkward around you. Soon, you will become familiar with your new way of Being, and those around you will either shift with you or drift away on their own.


April 20-23, 2024

REGISTRATION FEE includes 5-day program, 4-nights lodging, 2.5meals/day.

Early Bird Reg.: $999 CAD, by Feb 20, 2024.

Registration $1111 CAD, by April 01, 2024

25 spaces available

Experience Yourself In Harmony with You, with Nature, and with Others. Learn skills and information necessary to move into INTEGRITY with Yourself & Others.

Bring a Partner, a Friend, a Parent, a Child, a Loved One…

Work with Yourself First. Then discover how to dis-entangle from those closest to you, so to navigate with them in a new way of Love.

Substance-Free; Stimulus-Free; Judgement-Free; Stress-Free

  • Enjoy a Vegetarian Diet
  • Learn basic physiology and biochemistry of your body.
  • Learn how nutrients and hydration affect your physiology and influence your emotional and psychological wellbeing. 
  • Learn & Practice Yoga, Conscious Breathing, Hydrotherapy, Forest Bathing, and Guided Meditation
  • Learn advanced styles of communication with yourself and others.
  • Let Go of Your Victimhood and Struggle in Life.
  • Let us trigger you and learn how to work through it without mounting a stress response.
  • Experience confrontation at your preferred level (mild, moderate, intense) and learn to navigate through it gently, lovingly, and stress-Free!
  • Learn, experience, and share deep self inquiry and introspection.
  • Learn how to re-perceive and re-interpret “trauma” as lessons and opportunities.
  • Embrace the Magnificence of Your own Creative Being.
  • Learn how to accept 100% Responsibility for every single event and situation in your life. 
  • Liberate Yourself from projection, blame, and escape tendencies. 
  • Become the Watcher of the Thinker! Learn to OBSERVE your ego/intellect and BE Compassionate and Gentle in your responses to Yourself and Others.
  • Become an active Participant in Your own Experience of Life!
  • Learn how to be observant of Yourself and simultaneously participate in the present moment of your experience.
  • Experience Healing from our Guest Facilitators: 
    • Musical Performance by Chop Sticks Haul Water (Eliya Waxman).
    • Sound Healing with Cindy Babyn.
    • Si Si Wiss Medicine Circle with elders from the Red Cedar Circle.

All items

  • Morning Yoga
  • Morning Hydrotherapy, ocean dip (start with drum & ocean healing song)
  • Intuitive Dance Expression
  • Creative Art Expression
  • Silent Meditation
  • Cellular Cleanse – Guided Meditation
  • Breathing with Cedar Tree – Guided Meditation
  • Inner Child Integration – Guided Meditation
  • Igniting Your Inner Light & Love – Guided Meditation
  • Upa Yoga Training (Beginner Yoga, from Isha Foundation & Inner Engineering Series)
  • Advanced Yoga Training (various forms)
  • Solo/Silent Nature time
  • Sound Healing
  • Forest Bathing (clothing-optional)
  • Ocean Bathing (clothing-optional)Swim / Water Sports / Hydrotherapy
  • Wild Medicines: Forest Herb Walks; Guided Plant Meditations
  • Interaction with Food as Medicine
  • Food Fermentation Lessons

YMCA activities:

  • Voyageur Canoe
  • Swimming
  • High Ropes Course
  • Rock climbing
  • Aerial Trust Dive
  • Evening Campfire

Facilitated Circle Sharing: emotional experiences, solo reflections, dream time, etc

  • Break-off sessions for sharing (3 groups: Erika; Michael; Genieve); at least 1/day


  • Documentaries (Inner World Outer World ; Water Consciousness)
  • CSHW performance; Song & Dance Journey; 
  • Cindy Babyn – Sound Healing 
  • Red Cedar Circle; Power Animal Drum Journey at Camp Fire
  • Days 4 afternoon = Silent (prior to sound healing)
  • Day 5 = Processing Circle 


  • River Walk
  • Mountain Summit
  • Waterfall Dip

Enlightening Documentaries (Projector & Screen):

  • Sadhguru: Upa Yoga (you have his training video in documents); Responsibility
  • Water: Explore Your Consciousness (60min)
  • Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds (30minX4)


  1. Inner Child Integration to gain access to fractured pieces of self, frozen in PAST trauma moments; 

to allow somatic processing of the event; and to integrate past self with current self. 

  1. Experience Your Divine Light & Love – Breath & Meditation

Discover Your Breath. Feel Your Breath. Trust Your Breath. Allow Your Breath to Connect You to the depths of YOU… And with Your Breath, Discover Your Inner Light! Breath delivers oxygen; Oxygen is essential in the creation of energy molecules (ATP) in your cells; Energy molecules create Sparks of Light. Breath IS Light. Connect with the Breath that flows through You. Allow this Breath to Ignite Your Inner Light. Feel the warmth and Love that IS Your Light. Allow Your Breath to Expand Your Light, as You Explore and Experience Your Inner World AND Your Outer World.  Allow Your Breath to CONNECT You to Your Inner world and Your Outer World. 

Grace & Gratitude for Sacred Breath & Sacred Light.  – Mele O Ka Naia

  1. Tree of Life – Breath Work Meditation 

Connect IN with the outer half of your Lungs! 

Ground Your Roots with Tree Roots.

Open Your Crown with Tree Crown.

Merge Your Lungs, Heart, & Spirit with Tree of Life.

  1. Accessing Your Body’s Bio-ComputerGuided Meditation

Scan for Sub-Optimal Function & Dis-ease 

Learn to Self-Regulate Harmoniously

Daily Workshop Event

  1. Share Your “Story”
  2. Lifestyle Choices & Body Chemistry … The Chicken & the Egg
  3. Conscious Breathing 
  4. Intuitive Dance Expression 
  5. Creative Art Expression
  6. Sadhguru Speaks on Responsibility
  7. Active, Conscious Choice: OUT of Delusional Victimhood, and IN to Enlightened Creator
  8. Advanced Communication & Interrelation
  • Part 1. Language Choice & Neurolinguistics
  • Part 2. Art of Listening
  • Part 3. Personal Inquiry & Introspection
  • Part 4. Electro-Magnetic Energy Field
  • Part 5. DreamWorks
  • Part 6. Experience with Time
  • Cindy Babyn: Sound Healing
  • Eliya Waxman: CSHW
  • Red Cedar Circle Members:  Michael and I are honored to host a gathering of elders and members of the Red Cedar Circle as a closing offering to this Experience Yourself Sanctuary.  Your active participation as an honorary member of this Circle will inspire a rootedness within Yourself and to Mother Earth, like none you have experienced before!
  • One-on-One sessions with Erika: Physiology 1st; then Emotional, Psychological, Energetic (as time allows)

Communal Food Preparation; Light Plant-Based Menu

  • Morning: Fermented Oatmeal; Sourdough Pancakes; Rye Crackers with Fruit, Yogurt, Nut butters, Oils, Butter
  • Noon: Fermented Rice; Fermented beans; Dark Leafy Greens; Sourdough bread; Miso Gravy
  • Snack: Nuts, Seeds, Rye Cracker with butter/oils/nut butters, Fruit, Yogurt 
  • Evening: Soup, mostly miso base, with creative variations of added veg + grain

Dormitory Style; Bunk beds (singles); 2 rooms (so gender separation optional)

BRING: Sleeping bag/blankets; pillows; towels 

Two-week Detoxification prior to event.
Two-week prior: abstain completely from the following items: negative/derogatory language, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, recreational drugs, *prescription drugs.

*Contact Erika to discuss medical necessity of your prescriptions, and the possibility of a tapering schedule.

  • Digestive System—> Organs of digestion; overview of digestion (mouth to anus) 
  • Nutrients —> BioMed I – Biochemistry.Vitamins.
  • Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic Nervous System  —> my patient handout
  • Body/Brain Chemistry and Emotional Resilience —> Blood sugar; Hormone balance; hydration
  • Psychological Recurring Patterns —> You description of this + loudness of lessons
  • Language & Communication —> TBM  Integrity retreat & Module 4?
  • Pilgrimage —> Your work & notes from Shamanism summit


Yes, the event will offer experience in various forms of medicine work, but each in their own time and way.

We are acutely aware of not mixing medicines!

Each practice will be delineated, and each medicine session will be opened and closed ceremonially, so as not to mix the medicines.

My experience is that there is only ONE kind of healing: Growing into Love (Love of self, Love of Creator, Allness, Oneness, Connectedness with all that IS)!

I have further experienced that there are many “languages” (forms of Medicine work) by which to understand this process of growing into Love, and many “layers” (trauma, pain, guilt, shame, anger, …, ego, ect.,) which must be “removed”/embraced in order for one to grow into Love.

In my work (personal and professional) I have witnessed and experienced that different “languages” (Medicine) speak to different people at different times; and different Medicines remove different “layers” at different times. But all Medicine forms are leading toward the same place: Love!

So our primary intention for this event is to speak to the Heart, via several “languages,” so to encourage REMEBRANCE via multiple vibrational frequencies!

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