A Retreat to Nourish Your Soul & Nurture Your Bond

Connect. Bond. Transform.

Welcome mamas! I’m so honoured that you’re here! I feel you. I’ve been where you are. Overwhelmed, exhausted, and desperate to bond with my baby. For me, both times, it was because I had resisted connecting in pregnancy, due to so many prior miscarriages. I just didn’t feel like my body even wanted to succeed through pregnancy, until it did!

And now that my kids are here, bonding and connection is my top priority! But it takes real effort and intention to build quality relationships with our kids, especially through moments of exhaustion and uncertainty. My secret, is to apply in my own Life, what I teach clients in my practice. And I’m so excited to share these transformative skills and strategies with you! So that you can create deep, lasting bonds with your kids,which will nurture mutual love and acceptance of each other, AS you are, for WHO you are!

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

I do! And I know that’s why you’re here!

Because, you and your family are gonna LOVE this program!

Just drop your name, email, and phone number below, and sign up now,

For the most incredible bonding experience of your life!

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- Naia

Event Info


Registration $6000 CAD


4 Days  ;  3 Nights

Family (mom, partner, infant, +1 child)

Meals & Accommodations

Full Program

Course Manual


July 2024
September 2024

15 Family Spaces

Event Overview

For Mom, Babe, & Family

Process Your Birth Experience

Resolve Birth Trauma

Mitigate Post-Partum Depression

Enrich Bonding: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

Reduce Emotional Transference onto Babe

Infant First Aid Basics: Acute Emergency & Natural

Post Partum Wellness: Hydration, Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Meditation

Colic Resolution Techniques

Sleep Support Strategies

Elimination Communication

Body Therapy for Mom

Sacred Children Meditation

Sacred Parents Meditation

Conscious Breathing


Forest Bathing

Parent-Tot Yoga

Family Dance Parties

Integrate Play, even threw Exhaustion!

Meet families navigating similar realities

Share stories and experiences

Develop lasting relationships

Discover the exquisite flavours & delectable desserts of 9-year old culinary creator, Rayna Grue. 


Mama Sanctuary