“My name is Patricia. I would like to share my experience with, and Love and Hope for Erika and Michael.

I originally called Erika in April 2019. I was struggling emotionally, physically and spiritually, because I had started to drink alcohol after 20 years of sobriety. She encouraged me to attend their upcoming Experience Yourself Sanctuary, and I knew immediately it was what I needed.  I was fortunate to have a friend willing to drive me to Erika’s  Sanctuary event. This saved my life. I was so weak and could hardly stand. I met three other incredible woman, all in search of healing, not for addictions, but healing for their own life issues. The food was delicious, and Erika invited many different and transformative guests to share their work and understanding of life and this time we live in: Crystal Sound Healing; beautiful videos of life and sacred geometry, and our connection to Life and how we are ONE. I healed and felt vibrant and amazing after 5 days of Sanctuary and presence with Erika and Michael.

After about 4 weeks I realized that I was getting weaker agai; I am affected by my home environment, chemicals, and electromagnetics. I had to leave to heal. Thankfully, Erika and Michael invited me into their home for 5 days in August. TRANSFORMATION!!  I transformed so much in those five days – from unable to eat or walk on my own, to once again fully capable and vibrant – that people were coming up to me and asking “What happened, you are glowing!” I was at peace and so grateful.

Unfortunately, I had to return to my apartment again, and within a few weeks I started drinking and feeling very weak. I know I have to leave this environment to heal completely. I am well aware that I need to move out and find a healthier place to live, in order to maintain and enhance the transformative healing I have experienced twice now! With the support of Erika’s wisdom and knowledge I will do this. Erika is always there for me. Because of beautiful souls like Erika and Michael, people in desperate situations have real opportunity to get real help, let go of their disease, and grow into vitality! Erika’s knowledge, qualification, and wisdom make her a true Medicine Woman. I love Erika and Michael. Their knowledge, compassion, genuine nature, and intention to serve with Love, enlightens this world! I can honestly tell you, they will transform your life! Thank You Erika and Michael, with Love!”

Patricia Blair

Vancouver, Canadá

“Erika, I’m so grateful to have met you and witnessed your energy and your love for this world. You’re truly an inspiring human being. Thank you for your generous work with all of us over the five days. You have helped me to open up and see my life with enlightened clarity. What a beautiful experience and one I didn’t think was possible for me. I have been living in a dark place for a long time, working to take one step closer to feeling pride, purpose and pure joy in my life. I feel I have taken a few steps towards understanding that and I have you and Michael to thank! Thank you for holding space for each of us to feel in the moment. Those breakthrough moments were so valuable to me and I will hang onto them forever. 

Moments during The Sanctuary that I will cherish forever:

-Having the opportunity to go into personal experience throughout the weekend and talk in direct correlation about how to use the content we were learning, in life. 

-Calling each other out on our vocabulary and everyone being thankful for the help as opposed to offended. This was extremely helpful for me to build my awareness and I have been able to notice every time undesirable words slip out, since being back in Vancouver, and sometimes catching them in the moment and switching to an alternate word. 

-Yoga in the morning was an amazing way to start the day and it was so thoughtful of you to include stretches for areas of the body people were experiencing pain. 

-All the night-time events were magical. Each night offered a unique experience and I will carry those memories with me forever.I highly recommend Experience Yourself Sanctuary to anyone looking for a safe space to do the self-development work necessary to move forward into your authentic self.”

Genieve Morison

Certified Transformational Coach
Vancouver, Canadá

“When I arrived I didn’t really know what to expect.  As a working wife and mother I was feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, my shoulders were tight and I was never able to fully inhale and exhale my breath. I felt like I was only half breathing. By the end of the weekend I felt rejuvenated, re-centered, relaxed and I could breath again.  Erika opened our minds and our hearts through various methods and teachings and I now have a passion for learning more about myself, my soul, the universe and our interconnectedness through energy.  Experience Yourself Sanctuary provided a safe place to share and be myself and experience the rawness of self love and spiritual healing.  Erika is a gifted healer with so much love in her heart and passion in her soul.  I feel blessed to have had this experience and I continue the practices of honouring myself, gratitude, yoga, meditation and breathing. I highly recommend Experience Yourself Sanctuary… it is truly an awakening experience! Namaste ♥”

Carol Shannon

Langley, Canadá

“I was fortunate to participate in “Experience Yourself Sanctuary” and am sharing my journey while attending, and since returning home. A wonderful setting surrounded by nature set the backdrop for awakening our deepest known and then unknown oneness with all and the universe. I especially enjoyed the selfless sharing circles, Erica’s healing hands and her grace. The morning yoga and swim was very meditative. A very spiritual experience for me, and if only once, this destination – no matter where it is – should be on everyone’s list. You will be an equal to all and respected by all.  Thank you Erika & Micheal for making my experience so cherished and the gifts I carry with me everyday.”  

Edith Dumont

Edmonton, Canadá