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IDENTIFIED PIECES of YOU. Love & Integrate.

Have you just returned from a journey and now find yourself wondering, “Where do I go from here?” Have you been shown more than you know what to do with? Have you received messages that you are yet unable to decipher? Have you been turned inside-out, upside-down, and backward? Has your life shifted in ways you don’t yet understand how to navigate? If so, then IT IS TIME for INTEGRATION! It would be my honor to support You in deciphering what You have learned from Your Self, and to help You TAKE ACTION on Your new awareness, by implementing it into Your everyday Life! A pilgrimage or vision quest is more than the journey itself. It IS the preparation period, the journey, AND the integration period upon return. If you NEGLECT INTEGRATION, you will LOSE the lessons, teachings, and wisdom you have gained during the quest. Many of the biggest challenges arise upon return from the quest, because You’ve been touched, opened, changed, transformed, and endowed with new awareness of Your Self! Your perception of Life and of YourSelf has grown, and now you must navigate re-entry into an unchanged “reality,” from the heightened awareness of Your newly discovered paradigm! Yet, awarenes is merely the first step; the planting of the seed if you will. ACTION MUST FOLLOW to INTEGRATE necessary changes that will promote growth of the plant and blossoming of the flower of Enlightenment. Ayahuasca of the Amazon; Amanita of the Boreal Forests; Cannabis of Asia; Iboga of Africa; Peyote of the Deserts; Red Cedar of the West Coast; the list goes on incessantly! ALL Plant peoples are Medicine peoples by their very Essence. Each one will support you on a journey into Your Self, if you are willing to ask with humility, grace, and intention. They are our sisters and brothers. They are extensions of Gaia. Just as we ourselves are extensions of Gaia, so then are the Plant peoples – and Animal peoples, Mineral peoples, Water peoples, and Star peoples – all extensions of our Magnificent Divine Self! Plant medicines offer windows and doors into the depths of our Inner Being. Yet, WE are responsible for choosing to look and walk through them! IF WE RESIST or IGNORE what we have asked the medicines to help us see, then we create more turmoil within ourselves than that which we asked to be released! When we forget Trust: how to Trust our intention, Trust the Medicine, Trust the Journey, and ultimately, when we forget how to Trust Our Self, we slip deep into doubt and fear. Doubt and Fear will interfere with, and even annihilate our original intention. This occurs at a vibratory level. The lower vibrational frequencies that we emit in a state of doubt and fear literally cancel out the higher vibrational emission of our intention, by producing destructive interference. Creative intentions resonate as “in-phase” constructive wave patterns which produce LIGHT (aka Awareness, Manifestation, Motivation, Joy, Peace, & Love), while fear and doubt produce waveforms that are “out-of-phase” with the creative waveforms. The result is destructive wave interference patterns which produce darkness (aka nothingness, despair, confusion, and depression) – I URGE YOU to Google “Constructive versus Destructive wave interference.” It’s basic physics! … Once caught in this vortex, destructive interference patterns beget further sabotage and destruction … Until such time as the inquirer chooses to OPEN, RECEIVE, & ACT on the answer(s) given. Do NOT be a fool! Do NOT ask the question more than once! When you ask the question, be sure to quiet your mind and OPEN YOUR HEART in order to LISTEN clearly and receive the answer, the FIRST time it is offered. Plant medicines are NOT to be called upon repeatedly and incessantly, as popular culture encourages today. Just as doctors are NOT to be called upon incessantly, as the medical industry has trained us to do. Every single plant medicine – just like every enlightened healing guide – endeavours to inspire the intrinsic awareness within each seeking Being, that the ANSWERS RESIDE WITHIN THE DIVINITY OF ONE’S SELF. As facilitators, we are here to SUPPORT you in clearing out your own bullshit, manipulation, illusion, and hypocrisy. We will NOT do the work for you! We have done it already for ourselves! YOU MUST WANT TO TAKE ACTION on the CLARITIES OFFERED during Your Journey, and REMEMBER how to DIG IN TO YOUR SELF, GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY and DO THE WORK! If you TRULY WANT to RECONNECT with YOU, STOP recycling through your questions and START taking action on Your answers! COMMIT to Your INTEGRATION PERIOD so that You can GROW from what YOU have LEARNED from YOURSELF! If you need support with integration, reach out! I await your call!

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Medical Physical EXAMS

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